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Had a c6 built by monster and it was professionally installed and it failed within 3-5 miles it was slipping and slamming into gear had almost no reverse so i had it towed back to the shop that installed it and called monster.... there warranties and procedures didn't work for me so i took it to a local shop.

What they found was not as discussed and described when i purchased the services. The trans has to be rebuilt they put half new parts that were stated but re used half that were also stated to be new and it was also assembled wrong so there is no way they rd tested it as they stated also i have a recorded phone call with a sales rep and he states they do not re use parts that they did on my trans ever! There is surface rust on parts that should have been cleaned.... comes off with elbow grease.....

but there is a concern also on were a seal sat on 2nd photo well it caused it to not seal not to mention the snap ring that was not supposed to be there so no way it was rd tested... and shift kit was installed wrong also and so much more

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